Its Almost Here !


February is just around the corner, which of course means that Dental Health Month is coming up fast! Dental health is an important aspect of our pet’s overall health. A bad mouth can lead to serious problems beyond just the teeth and gums, even affecting the heart in some cases! That is why Ridgehill Animal Hospital provides a Dental Discount through the month of February in support of maintaining a healthy mouth. We want to encourage healthy mouths in our patients, and what better way than to save our clients money along the way! Below are some facts on dental health in pets.

Dry food over wet food – Food can have a major impact on dental health. Wet, canned food can actually make it easier for tartar to accumulate on the teeth, while dry food can actually scrape the teeth, essentially brushing them. When possible, dry food is always a better bet than wet food.

Dental issues can affect the heart – In some serious cases, periodontal disease can lead to endocarditis. The correlation between dental disease and heart disease is a scary thought, but because of this sometimes direct correlation, it can be easier to resolve the heart issues by resolving the dental issues.

Cats are just as susceptible to dental issues as dogs – Cat health can be a difficult thing to keep in check. While dry food helps control weight and reduce tartar buildup, wet food can help a cat’s kidneys by adding extra water to the diet. But wet food can also encourage weight gain and the build up of tartar. It can be a difficult diet to balance, especially if your cat has a discriminating pallet. Getting your cat’s teeth regularly examined can prevent issues, especially if your cat is on an all-wet food diet.

Brushing your pet’s teeth must be a daily routine – There are various pet-friendly dental health utensils and pastes available for at-home dental care. But these dental care products can prove useless if not used frequently. It is recommended that teeth cleaning happen once a day for the control of tartar. It can be a tedious task to take on, but once a week may not make enough of a difference to prevent or significantly postpone dental cleanings.

We want to promote dental health throughout February and beyond! If you have any further questions in regards to your pet’s dental health, please contact us at 203-288-3307.

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